prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore

  • prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore

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iron ore sinter and pellet -

Prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore . Feb , the iron ore sintering process was simulated and computational domain was the same as the configuration of a sinter pot as shown in fig entrance of the sinter pot was defined as a velocity inlet the magnitude of velocity was obtained from the experimental gasflow rate the bottom of the prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreWhat is the strength of a sinter?The Strength of the sinter is closely connectedto the resistance of magnetite and of the vitreous phase. When the basicity index increases, while remaining under 1, a part of the vitreous phase develops hematite fayalite and olivine dendrites but this contributes only slightly to the resistance of the sinters.See all results for this questionWhat is the effect of iron ore porosity?The iron ore porosity has effect on the sinter porosity and its physical and metallurgical properties. Iron ores with high loss on ignition affects the sintering process in a negative way by reducing the productivity, increasing the specific fuel consumption and reducing the sinter strength.See all results for this question

What are the factors that affect the process of sintering?

There are several factors which affect the process of sintering, productivity of the sinter machine, and the quality of the sinter. Major amongst them are described below.See all results for this questionUnderstanding iron ore analytical tools. Process prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreJul 03, 2017 · XRD: Rapid prediction of sinter quality parameters. Partial least squares regression (PLSR) analysis of X-ray diffraction data enables prediction of sinter quality parameters such as optimum basicity (CaO:SiO 2 ratio) and FeO content. PLSR can also be used as a method for prediction of sinter tumble index (TI), a measure of sinter strength, from powder XRD data (Figure 2).Thermodynamic Modelling of Iron Ore Sintering Reactionsiron ore sinter, since it yields higher sinter strength and better reducibility [23]. Despite the importance of the SFCA-I phase in iron ore sinter, the mechanism of its formation, thermal stability and phase boundary are not fully understood. Thermodynamic data on the stabilityCited by: 9Publish Year: 2019Author: Chunlin Chen, Liming Lu, Kexin Jiao

Sintering Hematite Iron Ore - 911 Metallurgist

In order to determine the effect of an increased basicity index on the sintering properties of several mixtures of hematite ores, we have considered three series of experiments: 1. The first concerned a mixture of ores from Tazadit, Nimba and Mano-River 2. The second concerned a mixture of ores from Itabira, Marcona and Mano-River. 3. The third concerned a mixture of ores from Goa, Mapawa and Cassinga. The ore fines from ItabiSee more on 911metallurgist prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreSinter Quality and Process of Sintering Iron Ores IspatGuruNov 21, 2014 · The size of iron ore affects the sintering properties. An increase in the size of iron ore promotes the productivity of sinter, but can reduce the tumbler strength slightly and save a little coke. The mineralogy of sinter can more easily be predicted from its chemical composition than its physical and chemical properties.Self-Tuning Multi Step Prediction of Strength Index in an prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreSintering is a complex metallurgical process by which iron ore is converted to sinter before it is fed to the blast furnace . important property of the sinter is its strength, and present practice requires the plant operator to make adjustments to the input variables as he considers necessary , based on offline strength tests and on his

Research on Prediction Model of Basic Sintering prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore

Jun 01, 2015 · In order to solve the rapid decision of ore blending scheme in iron ore sintering process, the prediction model of the basic sintering characteristics of mixed iron ore and sinter quality has been established by three algorithms including the support vector machines, BP neural network and general regression neural network. The results show, the model prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreCited by: 1Publish Year: 2015Author: Song Liu, Fumin Li, Jianguang Lu, Qing LuPrediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreFeb 25, 2018 · Sinter yield and strength were predicted by the method of numerical simulation in this study. An unsteady two-dimensional mathematical model for the iron ore sintering process was developed by taking most of the significant physical phenomena Cited by: 17Publish Year: 2018Author: Bin Zhang, Jiemin Zhou, Mao LiPrediction of Strength and Productivity of Sinter by using prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreA database of these characteristics of iron ore brands was built up. Models to predict the strength, yield and productivity of sinter were developed based on the database and their applicability was checked through pot tests.Author: Young-Cheol YangPublish Year: 2017

Prediction of Sinter Quality Based on Population Genetic prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore

firing rate. When the moisture content is 7.2%, the yield of sinter is as high as 78%, and the firing rate does not change significantly, and with the increase of moisture content, the yield and sintering rate are gradually reduced. Sinter depends on the high temperature produced by fuel combustion toPrediction Model of Micum Strength for Iron Ore Sinter prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreThe neural network use the main factors that influence the sinter drum as input data, and output is Micum strength. Experiment results shows that the maximum absolute error between the Micum strength predicted by neural network and real value from the sinter plant is 0.3346, and the average absolute error is 0.1154.Cited by: 1Publish Year: 2011Author: Wei Wang, Zhi Hui Xu, Long Long Yang, Zheng Liang Xue, Dong Nan Zhao, Sheng Qiang SongOperating Mode Recognition Based on Fluctuation Interval prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreMay 06, 2020 · Operating Mode Recognition Based on Fluctuation Interval Prediction for Iron Ore Sintering Process. Abstract: The operating mode is an essential factor affecting product quality and yield of the sinter ore, which inspires the realization of operating mode recognition. Taking burn-through point (BTP) as the decision parameter of operating mode, an operating mode recognition method based on the fluctuation interval prediction Cited by: 2Publish Year: 2020Author: Sheng Du, Min Wu, Luefeng Chen, Jie Hu, Li Jin, Weihua Cao, Witold Pedrycz

Numerical Simulation on Influence of Coke Oven Gas prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron ore

Coke oven gas (COG) injection is believed to improve the quality and yield of sinter in iron ore sintering process. A mathematical model is developed to simulate the sintering process with COG injection, par-ticularly focusing on predicting the quality and yield of sinterMinerals | Special Issue : Mineralogy of Iron Ore SintersMay 20, 2019 · Iron ore sintering is an important stage in the production of steel from iron ore. Sinter can constitute more than 60% of ferrous burden in modern blast furnaces in Japan and most blast furnaces in Europe. Iron ore sintering is a high temperature process which converts iron ore fines (<68 mm in size, too small for direct feed into the blast prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreIron ore pricing explained | Metal Bulletin prediction of sinter yield and strength in iron oreFor example, the daily, weekly and monthly indices are listed because of the varied liquidity displayed by different parts of the market. Sinter fines and lumps make up the bulk of the seaborne iron ore market, and are the products most frequently traded on a spot basis, so daily pricing is used for the key 62% Fe, 58% Fe and 65% Fe fines, and lump premium references.

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